Friday, February 26, 2010

What to do with you, to do?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Rarely, you, and you alone: know my depth ridden hidden arcana,
My deepest arcanum you know, quite well, as though- in sought it's you
- or simply and intimately- you'd surely become it:

My secrets, though they are well hidden, from all but you, as yet,
But you wrap around my folds, should locks once have held,
You know what my inner, and at times inert heart does with and between every breath preciously hold!

You know you are my arcana, beloved in your secret,
Yet what to do with you,
To do?

What, what harsh: reward ask you,
For seeking me, an arcanum!?

What apocrypha of my hidden inner,
Have you not read from me, as like a scroll!?

What gift desire, you,
Having so intimately examined,
Having entered my chest, having filled my lungs.
What desire you, of your captive wisp of hidden breath?

What can I give but loyalty, love, and something near adoration.
For our intimacy is in our arcana! And our arcana is enough should it be in God!

For right and good are a shield to be sought!

And our hidden strength is our arcana!

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