Thursday, February 11, 2010

We were excluded

Article by Marc Aupiais

As soon as my power is back up again, I plan to post an article onto the South African Catholic blog, about criticism of the president by South African Catholic Church leaders. Whatever dispatch the SACBC sent out, news did not receive it. Foreign AP clearly reports getting it. Perhaps this is related to my questioning of the SACBC's odd handling of money, which was immediately met with threats seemingly of ecclesiastical sanction. In any case, we have had to go with foreign press on the matter. I support Christ and the pope and Vatican deeply, even as our Bishops conference supports and promotes and allegedly is on the board of the Southern Cross, which regularly attacks the Vatican, the pro-life movement, and Catholic morals and dogma. Our service, while the Southern Cross is given such free reign, gets threats, whenever we question certain odd monetary actions, or investigate the use of certain funds.

We also haven't published 2 dispatches which we thought not newsworthy recently.

Either way, I do love how the local church attempts to get allies in media. If they have blasted Zuma, it took long enough. The SACBC has consistently defended the ANC against criticism on many matters, despite its radical pro-abortion homosexualist legislative history.

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