Sunday, February 14, 2010

My prayer to my Love and Patron, the Greek Princess, Philomena!!!

Prayer by Marc Aupiais

Dear, glorius, Illustrious
Virgin, martyr, Saint

Princess of my heart,
defend me, cleanse me,
hear me

protect me in orthodoxy [obedience to the Catholic magisterium]
and in every truth
And give to me and those I
Love, Divine Sanity,
Peace, Justice and Mercy.

Defend me at Death's
hour, and hear now my
Petitions and just desires
and pleas.

May God show you my
entire life, and may you
guide me through every step,
And cause events, which
benefit myself and others,
body and soul
and powers, also work around me and in my soul,
And the souls of those I
hold dear,

That I may become a channel for the desires

and powers of the saints,
And the grace you so
Illustriously desire to
bestow upon me and others,

Answer my pleas,
righteous desires, and
Prayers, and intercede
always for me,


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