Monday, February 8, 2010

Adopting children with parents into strange religious beliefs!

Article by Marc Aupiais

I am a firm believer in subsidiarity, it's why I believe the pope is right not to interfere too much with the affairs of bishops, and it's why I oppose inter-racial, inter-country, inter-continental, inter-cultural, and especially inter-religious adoptions, except where necessary. In a case which is ripe for the picking should one want to point to the dangers of possibly commercializing a child, 33 children were "adopted"/"kidnapped", from Haiti, but this time, as though to make a point- by Fundamentalist Christian baptist people. Turns out they [the children who were taken] appear to all have parents, even more shocking, they [the Baptists, who are meant to be adults] seem to have lied to everyone. Why adopt them [the not orphaned Haitian kids]? Maybe because in a contraceptive community, its more converts for the baptist churches involved, or so the British Daily mail suggests:

Daily Mail: Secular; independent; British:

Child-napping, or selling of children to be adopted may also be a reason, should the allegations be true, given a checkered past of one of the lead baptists involved. We in the third world, we want our children, we don't want a youth drain along with the brain drain!

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