Saturday, February 13, 2010

For the love of friend

Article by Marc Aupiais

I could never lie to her, not that I would. I cannot hide things, personally, from her, not that I could.

She's one of those friends you never ever judge, and certainly aren't judged by. Sometimes I keep things from her, I hide them, so she won't be hurt. I don't lie, though my creativity at equivocation, and avoidance don't work well with her. It may be like pulling teeth, but eventually she always finds out the truth from me, should she desire to know anything that I have kept personally from her.

Of course, there are many secrets she does not know, and many things she cannot pry from me. For, what is between us, I cannot hide, yet with other matters, I am effectively able to deny... all necessary information from her... as is virtue in my position. Always so.

And I know it will hurt her, should I say something on my mind, but I also know it's the only way forward, even if it hurts her, I have to say it. She may cry, she may scream, shout or go silent, but she won't forgive me if I don't speak. I tell her what it is, and then try my hardest, in full lawyer/politician mode, to try to convince her why it's okay, why it's not so bad, not so hurtful after all. Afterwards I will feel exhausted, but the friendship is worth exhaustion. We might sit quietly together, we do anyway... we might go on with work or hobbies.

Yet, the storm will come and the storm will pass. One is not allowed to lie, it is the one rule of our friendship. And I never do lie, and usually she knows my secrets and I her's.

With God it's similar. I may sin, as I often do. I may think ill of Him, or may have spoken or thought evil. Yet His friendship is worth it- I eventually tell. I go to confession, and I then confess (in the vague theological pulling teeth way I do). Yet, I know this is true, trust is the basis, truth is of trust. I must tell God what I have done, whatever I do.

It is the only way through. True friends, we tell the truth! We trust! Trust is of trust, too!

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