Monday, February 8, 2010

I really am talking a lot of wind- Says the title, and description!

Article by Marc Aupiais

Yup, this is my latest attempt at a blog. [y]up, it's me. The tempest and the hurricane, but as the address? Odd, is it not?

Its a place where I don't need to correct spelling errors, though I probably will, a place where I can write utter nonsense if I so desire, and a place to say what is on my mind even when I may not have the time to articulate it for the news service. Its me, its a place I can write pointless poetry, or talk about shallow things. It is a place, where I can craft a vision free of the many visions I am known for, though we are never really free of visions, be they self imposed, or of the biblical sort, I am sort of known for the first sort of vision. A vision, or idea tends to emerge, and I expect one to emerge here, after all, I am the same individual, whatever I am covering. Simply because I can be more casual here, on what is truly and really a blog, does not mean I am a different person, it does mean I can take sides, or the like, or make lots of jokes or do whatever pleases me really, though I've learnt self control, and likely will be specific. Obviously, I do still hold myself to standards here, but prayerfully not the toughest standards. Its simply a place to express views! I certainly am not stopping in my role with the news service, but for all my seriousness, I need somewhere to just play, maybe you will join me in this playground adventure, maybe you won't, really, it's your choice entirely!

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