Thursday, February 11, 2010

All the President's concubines!

Article by Marc Aupiais

Independent Newspapers has reportedly spotted out two more of the president's illegitimate children, these allegedly belonging to a businesswoman, and one of them had while the president was then head of the government's "Moral Regeneration" program. While many of Jacob Zuma's "wives" seem to be rural women, his "concubines", seem to be women who work in the professional sphere. I have not looked into the names of the children or mother, although I did come across them, and have not investigated whether or not the president paid the family of the most recently exposed alleged sex-partner of the president, as is traditional seemingly in Zulu custom, when one has extra-marital sex with a woman.

That would, if these children were previously unknown to the press, place the quantity of Zuma children at about 22. Zuma appears to have had a long relationship with his most recently revealed sex partner. Zuma has "married" five women. One "divorced" him, one committed suicide. The others have remained with him. The president, during his rape trial, expressed the view that taking a shower was a means of HIV/AIDS prevention. It is feared that the promiscuity of the president, will form a precedent for African men, in a country where up to one in five adults may well have HIV/AIDS.

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