Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The red sun rises in the night

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Die dag is donker as een ander dag.
Die dag is donker as die nag,
En daar is nie hoop nie.
In die dag of die nag!?

The day is different,
Darker than the night,
Though the sun is high,
Clouds break in deathly upon the skies,
Or blue,
Not warm!

So cold,
The day is colder than arctic breeze,
The sun has forgotten our names!

Neglected the seasons,
Cold in summer,
In all the heat,
Colder than I've been,
And it rains,
Only on one's cheeks,
Cheeky rain it is!

Then grey!

And all the colours,
Matter not,

For you are the coldness,
That haunts my life,
The ghostly evaporation,
That was designed-
To warm not freeze!

But what warmth,
Of blackest hearts?

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