Sunday, February 21, 2010

A lesson from everything

Article by Marc Aupiais

I just watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. Its interesting, a real dumbing down of the danger of a consumerist culture where advertisers and not apostles fish for people- not to free them but to cash in on their foolishness. Granted- it positively portrays an extra-marital affair, and other less than admirable such things... Such as lying, or mean, spiteful and in business: foolish letters.

For me- it was of note. In the gospel today we read of how the devil tempted Jesus to turn rocks, (historically likely) looking like bread into bread. It asks him to satisfy his desires against his own plan to fast and God's plan of obedience. Consumerism is deadly. I am glad I was oft sick and bullied in childhood. And I abstain from meat on Friday as prescribed by church law. We must learn to abstain before we learn to indulge or we are victims and objects of indulgence- slaves and consumed: cattle, sheep.

Now, the movie reminded me of the gospel. I missed church today and confession Yesterday. I missed because I am quite though stably ill- a serious gift in God.

Now, I related my thoughts to a secular, popular culture production. But I did so in my own capacity- my own name- on my own column, as me. I noted weaknesses and that it is not perfect I note.

Yet, we cannot say the same of L'Osservatore Romano- which does NOT represent the pope or Vatican. The Jesuit paper which in English would be called "The Catholic Civilisation"; Vatican Information Service, these are officially connected with the views of the church: but L'Osservatore Romano is not.

Still, while endorsing groups who consistently destroy the efforts of Christ and abuse Christian audiences: groups like band U2: L'Osservatore Romano does not note their unofficial status, allowing secular press to treat the fetishes for music of the editor of THAT paper as the likes of the pope.

I like some others, call for the Resignation of the editor of L'Osservatore Romano!

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