Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get back in the kitchen, and stop handling that food, you Anglicans think is body and blood!

Article by Marc Aupiais

As a male feminist, I would never suggest the woman's place is in the kitchen. And as a liberal I believe men and women are created equal, but being a liberal feminist, I also am a pragmatist, and it seems to me, conservativism is often just either moral liberalism, or pragmatic liberalism. It is my connection with reality, and realization that abortions are only chosen by desperate women who have had their rights denied already by society, and that a child, quite radically is a human being, along with financial and other implications, that I oppose the infanticide of abortion.

I feel the same on other matters. A priest is a man, because he must be, or the obedience, the pledge, or to use the updated English Roman word for the military pledge, the sacrament: only works by obedience. God asked that priests be men, and therefor, it is practical and realistic to admit that there is no such thing as a woman priest. Priestesses were aplenty in Jesus' time (and I hear many of them were hot pagan chicks, and that pagans were hot in those days, not the gothics we mostly encounter these days), and the bible is full of examples of powerful women. One even lead Israel against their enemies in Judges. God does not bend to society, rather, he moulds society, however evil to allow for whatever his almighty will is. This same God demanded that priests be men, via Paul to Timothy, and by the example of the old testament.

That said, the Anglicans, with their non-existent priests, and get real please "Priestesses", and lack of any tolerance for conservatives, plans to "ordain" women "bishops". I guess the step from ordaining "married" gay "bishops", to ordaining women who get called "Father", as "Bishops" doesn't look that big to the good young old "Church" of England, formed by murderous dictator / tyrant, adulterer Henry VIII.

In any case, George Pitcher, writes on his telegraph blog, that arguments that the feminist church of England scares men away are wrong, and desperate, or maybe he doesn't, who knows with people who belong to an organization that cherry-picks what the bible "says".

Damien Thompson says in the comments that if you can ordain women priests, you can ordain women bishops. I agree, both are impossible. Note not the article, but the comments, it is the conservative Telegraph, but it is of note, I enjoyed reading the debate. I like the modern conservatives a lot, I may even be one. What I enjoyed was noting the response.

Fact is, the way the gospel is exchanged for radical leftist suicidal liberalism is why men avoid the Church of England, and a number of Catholic churches. Distorting the gospel is why many men avoid church. We want to be what God made us: men; and to take our valid role. I attend a parish where I can be a man of God, and women can be women of God, not men of God. The only type of father I plan to be, is of whatever biological children I may have with the woman I one day marry. To me, this whole thing with the CoE is a bit like a sick fetish. Then again, in this world, we see many of them:


I might add, Catholic girls are more hot! We win! And they don't have to play "man", they are comfortable with their sexuality, even as many are justly tom-boys, but without losing their femininity. I might well give good sermons, but literally God forbid, I ever become a priest, I am made for one woman, God's gift to her. I mustn't be torn between the beautiful reason for living, one day, and the community! So if you want to be a catholic Bishop, be a man. If you want to be an Anglican "Bishop", just remember, don't wear the miniskirt by the alter, you're not a catholic school girl!

No offence to any Anglicans, I truly pray for your people, but perhaps this is the push you need to enter the Catholic church, bringing your rich historic heritage with you.

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