Sunday, February 14, 2010

The girl who caught me

Article by Marc Aupiais

From the title, some friends may think I'm talking about a game of kissing catchers I wasn't playing in grade 0, when a girl refused to chase anyone else, so I shouted "I quit, I'm not playing any more!" and still got chased everywhere by her. So noticeably, that all the others girls stopped playing, surrounded me, and kept me in a circle, while she jumped me. Of course, I kicked her in the shins, before or after a kiss, and ran off crying. Possibly flooded the grade 0 boys toilets, and was upset when everyone took her side.

No, today, we are talking about something even more embarrassing. You see, for some of us, a girl, or woman, though we like to call women girls, can have quite an effect on one. At one stage I was prepared to leave Roman Catholicism for a girl, therefor I understand good old Solomon's predicament. I didn't leave by the way, she refused to decide for me. God separated me from that lady soon afterwards.

It isn't only girls, though they have the magic wand of charm and good looks. We tend to want to be like people. When with my ex-girlfriend for one thing, I used to suddenly find I loved listening to angry girl Avril Lavigne. My ex-girlfriend loved the music. Suddenly I liked it too. Who knew? Not me?

But also in daily life, do we not tend to compromise? We think something wrong, but only in certain company, we think something right, because those around us do?

Adam, I doubt would have taken the apple without Eve, and remember, from what God told them, the Apple was like a cyanide pill. Adam and Eve were the original Romeo and Juliet. Killing themselves off, for who knows what reason. Yet we do daily, we compromise for friends, family, and that really pretty girl whom we more than just like a little tiny bit.

I care nothing now for the girl I would have left God for. She irritates me quite simply, and I have since cut her out of my life. But for a short while, obviously while I was still at school, I was mush in her hands. I was fortunate then that God prevented us even from dating, though she and I both said we wanted to.

If we love another, we love their life. God is that life in the purest form. You cannot separate a person and God, even if they delude themselves, while chewing on the apple. The apple, represented disobedience, although technically it may not have been an apple if you read the text carefully. Fact is: the more you love a person wisely, the more you obey God. We should never now compromise, never now fall: if you are meant to be: be in God. It is the only way to be!

I did not enjoy what must have been my first kiss, it was taken from me, I did not ask for it. Do not advance your kingdom with force, but with God!

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