Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trusting the director

Article by Marc Aupiais

I like fantasy, I love science fiction, I love thrillers, and I love horrors. Of course, it depends on the type of each. I hate the lust-fest, death-fest sort of movies. I hate when a horror endorses the killing, or has a sick vomit of evil inclinations. But I love horror.

I love watching the monster or alien movies, especially, because in the end the monster or alien dies. I love watching thrillers, when I know the good guy will win. I love sci-fi when the director does not attempt to make you stupid.

I don't watch anything age restricted over 16, I say that as an adult and law student, who has been exposed to some very hectic case studies. I protect my mind, and anything beyond 16 limit is not worthwhile to watch. I don't like shows about sex, and prefer to avoid these activist programs with homosexuals doing things which I disagree with.

I recently watched a horror about a Salt Water Crocodile, which damages a boat and goes after each of the survivors. I swam in Salt Water Crocodile territory when I visited Australia, so it was quite real to me. I enjoyed it, especially as the good guy and Ausie girl survived to the end, and as the Crocodile was killed.

I know with certain types of horrors, by the choice of the directors, and certain types of thrillers and sci-fi and fantasy- that the movie will have a satisfactory or somewhat bearable end. I like these movies, because though the world end in the flip of a page, one is safe, and the world is fine. I find them therapeutic at times, like dreams where the worst is gone through, and fears are opened up, just to be locked down more strongly again.

That said, while I watch many thrillers and a lot of sci-fi, I watch very few horrors. I hate those chainsaw sort of movies and refuse to see the psychopathic ones where the bad guy is made a hero, or where the director secretly loves death. The sort of horror or movie I like, in fact, is the one where life is valued, where life is good, even if it is tragically lost.

The difference between directors is life and death, respect, and arrogance, truth and falsehood. Most movies do not interest me much at all. Most comedies do not leave a mark, although some do. In addition to my love of thrillers and sci-fi, I often like children's programs for their innocence.

The thing is, to enjoy a movie, I must be able to trust the director, trust the author, trust the movie maker. Many movies these days fail miserably here, it is art and expression, but not limited. Limits: are beauty. One and one in a relationship like marriage, family alone and friends alone watching TV together, limits are wonderful. Without gravity, would we have legs?

By limit, we are defined, any lady will inform you of this while she diets. Yet, who do we let direct our lives, do we trust them? And God, do we display trust in him?

Who do you listen to, the voice of life and ethics, or that of death? What books, magazines, newspapers enthral you? Do you let these direct your life?

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