Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Silence makes you ugly

Ed Balls: Catholic schools will have to provide info on 'accessing' abortion. Catholic Education Service goes to ground – Telegraph Blogs: "Meanwhile, where was the Catholic spokesman to put the Church’s side of the story?

“Archbishop Nichol”: not available.

Bishop Malcolm McMahon, who holds the education brief in the Bishops’ Conference: not available.

Oona Stannard, head of the Catholic Education Service (CES): not available."

Damien Thompson, the Blogs Editor for the UK Telegraph paper, has an interesting article on new legislation (not passed yet) which will force Catholic schools to give students access on information on accessing abortion, teach basically that homosexuality is right, and give the children a lot more information on sexuality and contraception than is healthy. The only real study on whether abstinence or contraception education works better, found that abstinence education was much more effective, but tell that to ultra-liberal Britain.

Before they are forced out of office by that bore David Cameron of the Tories, who himself is a bit shy of any real moral back-bone, Labour seems to be attempting to push through even more attempts at violating religious human rights, in a country known for that sort of human rights violations.

The Liberal Democrats, are pretty much like South Africa's Independent Democrats, they want to make labour's legislation worse for religious, like the ID, anyone with a conscience seems to bother the Independent Democrats, Liberal Democrats seem pretty similar there. Labour at least only seems to have somewhat of a problem with Catholicism and any organised religion. The Liberal Democrats, I am sure would ban thought of religion if they could. One need only hear their representative talking on the BBC about Burkas and Islamic women, to see where they are going to.

Providing information to assist in getting an abortion, wouldn't be co-operation in an activity incurring automatic excommunication from the Catholic faith would it? I think it would.

Either Catholic schools, like Catholic orphanages close down, or perhaps we should add "excommunicated" before each of their names.

Of course, the English bishops are being seemingly silent, not much of a shock there. Reading the British press, one distinctly feels as though the Final Solution is being discussed around Roman Catholics, and that we, like the Jews in 1930's Germany, have not been invited to the discussion table.

Much like the national (purposely used small n) Socialists (NAZIs), Labour and The Liberal Democrats, are attempting societal engineering, quite openly. Much like in Germany, we see much silence from many in the church. At least this time the papacy has stood up.

I have no good feeling about Benedict XVI's British tour. Somehow images of Pope John Paul II rush through my head. Britain is increasingly becoming enemy territory for the Church. Weak leadership, and a church which consistently opposes the Vatican can do that.

In England right now, silence isn't golden.

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