Thursday, February 25, 2010

The humour of the broken satire of God and life

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Though you were pithy in your empty point,
I'd felt I'd been made satire, a site yet but for your empty game of showman's charades!

Where I was honestly earnest in intent, yet a fool, for it, like one sent!

Where I told truth, you were icily aloof!
I was your empty wind of proof! Of truth!

Yet, hidden as yet I'd swear forsooth, perhaps it was I who was aloof! Poor proof, of my own empty truth!

Yet, forsooth, one must not derail truth!

For what is patent, can yet be latent! And though stated, it is not always true!

Shall you or another alight the grey white horse of truth! Yet, to always make latent patent is quite the act uncouth!

To seek truth always- I tell you- insooth: this is wise. Yet to retain sanely secrets: can be most wise! And can be done with no lies!

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