Thursday, February 25, 2010

I miss you, it's hard, you see!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

(On friendship, on love and care!)

I miss you, dare I care!
I miss you, it's sore in here!
I'd kiss and hug you,
Were you here!
I'd tell you smugly,
It's snugly warm when you are near.

But I miss you, I long and yearn.
I think of you, I want to move, my legs prepare!
I miss you, where are you:
Far over there!

I want you, what can I do over here! I miss you!
Way over here!

I'd pat the couch so you'd sit by me, if you'd care!
But you're out of site (and sight), over where?

I seek you, in the filtered air. I miss you, where are you dear!

And I think of you, I want you over here!

We love a presence! We love it most dear, my dear!

And that with it! You: with your identity swear!

And that, your identity, I: I love! Be present dear!

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