Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ghostly sands

Ghostly Sands - a Tempest and the Hurricane Poem by Marc E Aupiais

Image by Marc Aupiais. Copyright Marc Aupiais. All rights Reserved.

Ghostly Sands- read by author/poet Marc Aupiais

Ghostly Sands

Help me to ~obey you
~Lord; ~whether ~win
~or ~lose~ in the sands;
desert sands; of deadly
time and space; Chronus
world; death of life;

I sing this song,
Invisible hand of God;
I adore;
I break;
I fall upon the sands and waves;
Death I am;
The Secret Hand of God;
Upon the world
The Writer and his pad;
I fall; I break;
I collapse; but I will obey;
Even if I lose all;
$Ghost I am; Phantom
I am dead; I cannot die;
So I sigh;
For I love you love$
You fit like a strange eternal glove;

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