Monday, August 30, 2010

The things I want besides you- love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I decided to make this list-
Of things I like besides you-
So far I've though of God,
Family- friends and obligatories-
This is public after all!

I want food and water-
To live and to exist-
And to make it to heaven-
In hope you make it there!

I certainly want oxygen-
And I'd say I want some friends!

But you alone are my company-
Gosh- can't I exclude the besides!

For I want food to be strong for you-
Water to survive another day to love you!

Friends to share my love of you-
But also because I love them-
Of course!

And because they sustain me emotionally-
When you are cruel and mean,

And I want to make it to heaven-
As people meet not with love in Hades

I want the world to be better-
I love children- and want them protected-
Women and babies too-

I hate the evils intertwined with life least they hurt you-
Or your soul!

The things I want besides you-
Are those that better us for you!

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