Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Light of broken hope- washed without soap

Poem by Marc Aupiais

In the distance a tower- with a light above,
In the night, a hallowed scream,
In darkness which endlessly does it not repeat?

Shadow and water combine in this night,
A flash of lightning,
A sound in my living death,
In endless depth,
Of darkened death-less night!

A light of hope, not of man,
A light he cannot wash away or make clear with human soap,

A light of hope- within of mankind.

She looks at me, this light of hope,
The tower bends,
Looks down at me,
And lifts me up,
The tower of death's life hopes!!!

The night makes noise, a crackling sound,
Whips of sound,
Whips of light,

A circle,
Then hope in the night!

The moon stares, and guides my life,
She shall lead me!

My only reflection of light!

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