Monday, August 9, 2010

Ask God! Take My life! Give it to the broken!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I'd never ask a man to kill me-
Though many times have I asked it of God- Himself!
To end my life, I've daily prayed!
But never man- do I give my life to!

Though I adore death-
And lust after her curves!
Though I stroke her sleek black hair!
Adore her black angel wings!

I adore life more-
Her skin, like silk at that-
Her wonderment-
Her hatred of death!

And for her do I hate death!
And all her lusts and vices!
And for her I adore
The tree on fire,
Should the tree still grow,
And thrive,
And survive by the ways
and paths
Of everlasting life!

I wonder at life!
When good! I can be awkward!
When bad! My heart hurt!

I look to you! Girl! Life!

I wonder and wonder!
And I see you!
Half death! But not quite!

And I look and see you!
And hear your siren call!

I see you! And pray you be life!
For death!
Doesn't hardly exist!

For me! What is dead is gone!
And good shall pass with me away!
As I walk and fly and run,

As I approach the knight-
The Sun! And the Son!
My path! My tainted one!

Pass away with me dear-
Only when God takes life from you!
Least you tell him you do not want it!
Fight for life!

With all you have left-
With truth, hope- love!

My love if yours not suffice!
God's if mine is too unkind!

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