Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sweet joy of honey scented daffodils

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I look to you baby girl,
Where are you?
In fields of flowers?
Is that a river?
The river of your heart,
Your arteries and rushing veins?

I eat and drink and move
in your graceful presence!
Baby girl! Where are you!
Today! You are mine baby!
Mine! Love! Today and the
morrow's today! Infinite
Promptly and so!

Roses, I smell,
But your sweat is more sweet,
Violets and daffodils-
Mean nothing much to me,

But your smell,
And your looks,
Your face,
Your body,
Your sound-
That voice!

Honey scented daffodils-
May do much for a bee-

Quickly serving his master-
His queen!

Yet, you are more beautiful than any ordinary monarchy's broken, stupid, foolish- scene!

And I fly, fast into your light,
The flame I'll flammably never resist!

Monarchical- the buzzing bee-
Knows not life-
For I know your love!

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