Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The more I know you the more I cry

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I wonder as I write,
Is it worth knowing you,
So bossy in my life,
But callous in what you speak of:

Hurting me-
You really do hurt me, my lady!

And I'm always caught between:
Believing them about you,
And believing you and God!

I certainly don't yet trust you,
I'm not sure if I'm ready for you!

Yes, I'm sure you seem to think
You obey your conscience:

Yet, it keeps causing hurt to me,
The things you say and do!

Dearest Lady, I love you,
Woman in my dreams, lady girl!

Yet you so often hurt me,
And hold me to a standard-
Far, much higher than to you,

And I don't know how you hurt me,
I'm physically harmed by you!

Dear baby I love you,

I really though wonder,
And weep due to your ways of speaking,
And Acting

As though I didn't at all matter to you!

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