Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A strange noise

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A tribal drumming,
Like a buzzing in sensitive
ears! Yet! To me! A
thunder! Deafening! To my

broken hopes of hearing life!

And the distant elephant agreed,
Almost in Jest!
As it stomped softly on the
African ground!


Trance like! My head started
Almost to throb.


I withdrew for some air,
Least I get sick.


In the distance was a fire,
And more European sounds,


Out in a wilderness: a parish,
I entered it!


Salvation from what I couldn't comprehend,

"Ave" I said to it and to Maria,
And Pater I said to God,


Nothing changes of Mother church,

Hail I say, Father I,
Petition, I pray!


Where elephants were- now are trains and trucks-

And taxis, all more
... dangerous than beasts

And white clouds rest above,

As on Sunday morning we say an hour's prayer-

And devour our God!

More close to nature-
Than the pagans I watched!

I flee to the church-
The elephant agrees!

In her quietness is historically-
Deafening silent noise!

And unlike the pagans I watched,
She is not foreign-

Not to a foreigner in the world-
Not to me!

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