Sunday, August 1, 2010

What is want to God? What is your death, christian fool!

Note by Marc Aupiais

What you want does not matter,
Realise truth as the desert sands swirl, and destroy.

What you desire, is hardly a concern,
It means little if anything,
It isn't even what you really desire,
You don't know what you want,
You are a fool,
Worse than an infant,
Less intelligent than a donkey,

Ask your self what you want, then look back a bit,
Say: why: why do I really want this?
Ask: what lead to this:
What did I want when I decided I want this?

Simply because a line of thought is no longer popular, does not make it wrong,
Popularity of thought, is as pointless as fashion.
You don't want what they say you want,
They don't especially know you,
Not more than God,
And they only want to destroy you.

Anyone can follow fashion- few ever learn style.

Ask what you wanted, realise your deep despair and loneliness,
Know why you sin,
Why you store up what is not yours,
You infinite fool,
You finite idiot.

Why would God help you if you don't trust him?
You have a duty to yourself,
But not in sin.

You will die by tomorrow's noon,
In this dark evil night.

But some raise again in dawn not dark

[Analysis of today's Gospel and readings brought here by Chastitysa and Tempest and the Hurricane, by Marc Aupiais]

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