Sunday, August 22, 2010

The music follows me so far and so far

Poem by Marc Aupiais

There is no other woman
as the music plays again!
Beautiful classical music!
Opera I think!

Whenever I walk away!
The music stops quite still!
As it may when I kiss you!
Or when I do look away!
Quite ashamed!

Should I tell you I love you!
Despite my betrayals!

Should I say I adore you!
Just below Mary and God?

That my lust leaves me!
As the music does clearly
politely play!

That when I'm with you!
I love you to bits, and
pieces for what is my heart!

It stimulates me- the sound!
As does your breath on my neck!
Breathe on me baby girl!

Speak! Sing! Shout!

Let me out it! As life!
Your breath!

Never sin in word or deed!
I love you so much dear love!

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