Monday, August 16, 2010

True love sees, it judges the lover- as God judges the church!

Poem by Marc Evan Aupiais

True love judges,
It sees a speck-
It removes the plank from its own eye-
That it may remove her speck!

True love is good!
It tries to do right!
It judges the lover,
Holds them to standards which are tight!

True love doesn't leave,
But it insists on change!

It demands the highest standard,
As it does not leave!

Confess for me love!
Confess to a priest!

And attend church

-whenever obliged,
By Our Law!

You see- true love, is why I'm acid!
Is why I attack you so,
With passionate love!

For I hold myself to the highest high,
But hold you a little higher,
Or the same,
As I know you hold me too!

Believe in me love,
Here at my low!

For I will only reach my high, by your demand!

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