Thursday, August 5, 2010

A half broken glass

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Half broken?
Half fixed?

What is a glass half shattered?
Can we call it whole?

For the word good means whole,
Thus wholesome means good!

Evil is lack,
A glass isn't half fixed,
Perhaps half still preserved!

A glass half broken,
A splinter of what was,

Can be fixed!
But not if we deny the other missing half!

How else to fix it!
To make it whole- good-
Useful for its purpose again.

A glass half broken,
If replacing a full glass,
Is quite evil,
Quite a calamity,

Though slightly less broken,
Is better than ever slightly more inadequate!

Some are broken for their purpose,
But there is goodness and lack!

Aim to be a whole glass,
Try fix yourself, it's hard,

But worth it,
Aim not at your own broken standards,
But at God's

For "the spiritual man judges all"
Says our God's scriptures,
In the Testament, the Gospel's epistles' that is New!

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