Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am sensitive my love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I am sensitive my love,
Easily upset!

Any simple event,
Can set me quite upset!

I am sensitive,
To the smallest plight!

Slight thing upset me!
Smallest things can give joy!

How great the joy!
Should life come of me!

But should you destroy your soul!
That unseen part that danced with me,
With God! As well! Too!

Do not suspect me to survive,
To watch!

Do not expect me to arrive,
Or expect my smile on the face!

I care for wealth not jewels,
Wealth in soul,
Not fame!

And my prayer to God,
Take me to heaven or hell,
But do not make me watch,
You destroy your soul...

My reason for heaven is you,
But take my body and have it burned!
Take my soul and roast it on fires and coals!
Torture me a thousand deaths!

Before the pain in my heart!

If you were one tiny bit-
To destroy your soul-

My life in all this-
Is you,

You'd end me should you sin!

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