Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tell me baby... I love you

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Tell me baby- that I love you-
You have my heart!
And yet! Yet! You don't have all of me!

And we know it both!
Lady beautiful!

That while I give you all-
I don't have all!

I'm missing- inadequate!

And I fear always!
You'll want for someone other!

Baby girl! Don't leave me!
Tell me that I love you,
And the "I love you",

Say you're the girl I love!
That I was made as for you!

Tell me that I care for you,
And the "I care for you too Marc"! Your "Mr Aupiais"!

Say you love me baby girl!
And "you love me"

Please baby love me!
Tell me- lead me- guide my heart!
Chastely baby- my love!

I ask as there you are-
Even there in your's... my mind!

And here I am-
In your heart soul and life!

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