Sunday, June 19, 2011

Your presence

Picture: Plant likes by Marc Evan Aupiais! Copyright! All Rights Reserved!

M E Aupiais

Moi, ego, I!
I want! Is it not!
I want! I want! I write I want!

Yet I cannot have what I want!
What I want is to be with!
What I want is to feel!
What I love in you!
Is you!

I want to be subject!
To your veto's!
To be subordinate!
To your senses!
And whims,

You sensibilities!
Your wants!

I love my vibrating soul!
I am content in it!
But a soul was made to dance!
Not alone!

But with another!

And though I am fire!
I need to cool in your ice!
Ice queen, icy throne!
I want!
To be the fire in ice!
And cooled as fire by you,
icy winds of change!

My love!
I do but desire to be your love!
Below your guiding hand!
And you also influenced by mine own guiding hand!

I want!
Us to be ours!
You to be mine!
Me to be yours!

I do not desire to be you-
Though I can be jealous at times!
What I want is to be me and you!
An us of sorts in times!

Its your presence-- soul ~I love; dear

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