Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What the world

Poem by Marc Aupiais

What the world?
What the world,
What the world,
Not my world,
Not my world?

And you say to me,
That I'm not to be seen!

And you say,
You shan't mayn't succeed!

What the world,
What, the world,
Not my world,
Not your world!

And you say,
Don't be mean,
See, God was mean,
And rightly condemned?!

Calling people snakes, open graves!

Endangering his people!
What a loser?

What the world,
What, your world?!

If you give me no chance-
Will I succeed?

In winning your heart!

But remember this!
I do succeed!

More than you, ever tried!

I mayn't be much,
But I'm famous, famous to God!
His achievements-

He wasn't Pretty,
Isaiah said he wasn't to be!

He died, in public,
Not a friend!
A traitor!

What the world?
Not my world!

And not yours either,
If you want me also too!

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