Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seeing through the glass chasm

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The condemnation,
Of my dreams,
Of my thoughts,
Things I see!

A glass castle or ice castle!
But a chasm,
And a bridge!
I am not permitted!

Nor allowed near!

And I see you,
I feel you!
I watch as life plays!

But a glass chasm separates us!
I am not permitted!

I weep, it turns icy cold!
Winds up!
The chasm before!
I am close to the edge!
Looking for a better view!

The winds fly and knock up!
They graze me with shards of glass!

I am close to the edge!
I'm nearly over the edge!

A glass chasm separate!
I see you put out your light!
A night light nearby!
And you prepare for bed!

A glass chasm separates us,
Thousands of miles!

Its cold out here!
I'm near the edge!

What hurts is I love you,
I'm near the edge!

A glass Chasm separates us!
I plead! I break!
I weep!
A glass Chasm separates us!

I pray! I weep! I pray! I pray! I pray!

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