Saturday, June 4, 2011

The torment of the Tempest

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I feel like a man on the monster hunt!
The narwhal! The great monster!

You are my unicorn,
Just out of reach!

Tormenting me for years!
And prodding, hurting me!
When I give up chase!

Oh the joy of life without you!
Even death a delicate beauty!

I wish for it!
Even death,

As long as not near you!

And though so easily I ignore you!
You don't go away! Please, why won't you leave my mind?

LEAVE? Surely!
I do not want you near!

You thoughts!
Oh! You monster!

I flee you!
You only pain me, it seems!

Every word, every choice!
Exactly to hurt me most,
And why?

I wonder? Black Beast!
As you rear,
And hurt me more!

What did I do or neglect!
That so hurt you?

Or is it just an image of you?
Haunting phantom! Monster!

Who won't leave me!

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