Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I wonder at the dawn

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Night! Monsters a stalking!
Night walk!
Stained yellow sky!
Prowl! Monsters a prowl,
Night! Watch!
A waiting on dawn!

I do not live large!
Or experience ease!
Pain in my back,
My liver!
My all!

And tiredness!
Yet I think not of her!
Even knowing, a thought would take all pain!
Her image would make it dissipate! Sway!

I turn to you,
God endured pain!
You were not too handsome!
Ugly, Isaiah said!

You did not scream, shout!
Pursue the ways or live!

You humbly taught,
And humble! You died!

I try fix my back!
The pain stays!
My liver too!
My mind astray!
And fire,
All over me!
The sort that staid!

Catholic soldier!
My life is for pain!

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