Friday, September 17, 2010

Your Night in shining Amour

Poem by Marc Aupiais

My lady of day,
My warmth,
My light!

My moon,
At night!
Though my emotions do take spite and flight!

And I know it with many a might!
You are my lady in the night,
Of light!

More wiley than the ocean or the light!
Very many things that might!

I am your night,
Your darkness in abyss!
That Godly yet bad influence-
That many shun as night!

Baby girl-
I am your shining, night in amour!
A dieu I say!
And and you my night,
And every circle of earth moon and sun!
A dieu and to you,
My lady of the nights and days of my heart!

Turn me into your night and day-
And every circle of clock,
Earth, moon and sun!
For you are mine-
Be it dawn or the hour of none!

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