Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ek slaap, ek wakker, but always I dream, and wake- think yet of none of but you | a foreign bride across oceans and seas, across continents, beyond hope!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Ek slaap. Daar is net nie 'n klein klink nie.
Ek is alleen.
En ek droom.
Ek droom van die donker
nag! En van jou: Die Dag in My Wereld!
Ek droom.
Ek droom.
Ek droom van jou!
En ek wakker!

Red My Meisie! Baby Girl My only Love!

I remember that December,
September, June and July!
From that memorable day,
Commemorating the day of my 19th year,
Since at 4:15 I was birthed!

And since then I knew you a bit!
And since those dates,
Like halloween!
Die donker dag van All Hallows Eve!
And I think of none dear but you!

Et J'suis Marc Evan Aupiais,
Yet my heart bears your name,
And my face is made only
for your fame! That is-
your wishes and wants,
Made for you- every hair!

And I pray to God!
Make her greater then all,
And than me!

Ek slaap, en slaap,
Ek maak a klink!
Jy is alles! Jy is my genade.
Ek is jou hoop! Jy is my alles!

Daar is nie genoeg geld nie. Daar is nie genoeg mooi dinge in die wereld nie!

You are priceless!
Worth so much,
Worth beyond all worth!

C'est la vie!
But not without you!

J'adore tu!

And I hope and cry,
Ek slaap en wakker.
Ek gebid! God- ek gebied
God! Vir jou!
You are my only prayer!
Your salvation why Heaven matters!

And I sense you,
You deathly Siren!
My lover, my soul!

And wonder!
What have I?
I have your love for me!
However you it do hide!

Jealous! Thank God!
The black mained mare!
A white star on her forehead!
She rares,
And impossible,
The fur a faux-dress!
And a beautiful,

Cold white woman,
With black hair,
Does not rest!
'Cept in my hand,
'Til death,
No- beyond it!
Never leave me love!

Haunt me,
And my resting places!

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