Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweet nothings she whispers in my ears

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Sweet nothings she whispers in my ears!
Perhaps an angel or the devil,
She leans on me-
Whispers left and right!

It would hurt you what she whispers-
A devil you'd call her-

She says you're evil-
Disaster to me!

She relates her imagine-
All about me!

And I wonder at it,
Could that be of me?

She says things in whispers,
To no body- only to me!

And I wonder at her love of me!

She's not often liked you!
She'd rather I leave you!
All me to her,
Her prize in love for life!

Yet I sit here and wonder with you!
What to do to do!

I'm not yet through with you-
Perhaps my sadness will get through to you!

She whispers sweet nothings in my ears,
Her imagination runs quite simply wild.

But I sit here and do nothing,
Love I wait and think of you!

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