Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love- to you I cling

Poem by Marc Aupiais

They keep asking,
Braying donkeys,
Lions after my blood!

No- I shout!
I screech No!

Blue sky grey,
Clouds, filled with desert filled seeds!
I wonder at you!
Foreign, yet local and mine!

Foreign in many things,
Yet like me in others!

Distance between love,
Not distance between us!

Like in the tempest-
Quite quietly separated!

God brings us together,
But grace is his magic stick!

Baby girl, I love you!
I think of you,
Better than a rainfall of gold!

More than a million soldiers or pals!

Not a single drop of hope!
But your ocean in my hope!

A desert holds and ocean!
My love- barren yet not of you!
My love- dry-
Bare- winds!

Except not dry to you!

All I have I've only you!
Your kiss, I tremble at the idea of you!

I shake- and feel you as I write!

In a desert out there!
Searching, though we've long been found!

I know who you are love!
You are my dew, water, rain-
Reign in my life!

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