Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why you?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

God said stop dating,
And I asked why!

He showed me you!
My love for you!
Like no love I've ever felt!

Yet right now I'm only hurt!
Different morals?
Or selling your soul!
I know you think you haven't!
Not as much as those you admire!
But you have!
How can I love you?

I want to be gone,
But something keeps me!

She wants me to leave you,
To be hers likely!

Yet I can't!
However much I flirt with it!
So I cry!
And wonder why God curses me!
With such a child for my future bride!
Who cares for position and fame!
Before family,
Truth and
My Faith!

Once you were deeper!
But I can't bare to look in your face!

I can't bare your presence!
It constantly hurt!

How dare you so slander God's earth!
And me, you treat arrogantly!

How much longer will I stay?
Why has God cursed me,

All I wanted: a Godly, chaste, beautiful girl!
Instead he gave me you!

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