Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes you put me in a state- without much grace

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Surely you know how you hurt me,
Your disposable toy, of joy- is the bruise you make me enjoy,

And the wounds,
Like giant shards of glass!
Do photograph past my last!

I want to end me,
Into every ditch, wall or car!

I cannot comprehend-
E'Cept death-
This doom, damned gloom from you my shining moon!

And it feels like death,
So I want to die,
To understand how you've cast my

Cast in stone is my love-
To every heights!

Yet by your words,
And thoughts-

My heart- my faith-
My love - my cute hope!

You steal,
And barbaric-

Your callous arrogance-
Does my very soul-

My life and all-

A million times and more-
Shards of glass-
In the nuclear wasteland of-
My every hardened days of life!

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