Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chelsea Bun and the bathroom flood

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Kissing catchers,
Was suggested,
I joined in,
After much suggestion.

Yet ordinary catching it
was not,
Most girls chose just some guys,
But Chelsea anne or something,
Maybe another girl,
Chose me.

And stuck to only me.
I ran and ran.
And triumphed- I Quit,
Quite glad.

But Chelsea still ran.
And I ran.

And then she ran off,
Maybe crying.

And the head of the grade 0 girls.
The popular one I assume.
Gathered all of them,
For Chelsea's revenge.

My friend. Mike.
No help. He said I deserved my lot.

They surrounded me,
As they would visitors- the zoo.

And Chelsea jumped moi.
I kicked her shin too.

And off I ran. Somehow in trouble.
For what I did with my shoe.
She jumped me ma'am.
She kissed me.

No good in our grade nought too.

So I went to the bathroom.
Quite un-glued.

And ran the water.
At full notch too.

Comforting water.
Its quite true.

Yet so full I opened it.
I couldn't close it too.
I turned and turned,
In both directions,

And fled the flood.
In trouble again too.

It wasn't revenge!
I swear! That too!

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