Tuesday, May 31, 2011

With every picture; every word

Poem by Marc Aupiais

"Winter thaw" - quote Mt Lewis!
My soul is thawing!
Ice removing!

With every picture!
Every word,
I find I love you less and less!

Oh the joy to abandon you,
Eventually when I get through this?

I should thank you, really,
For awakening my soul!

Uniting emotion, and
rational reasonable mind!

Which both know,
Your worth to me is Little!

Though loyalty,
Ought be my name!

For though I pray!
To be free!

It doesn't disappear!
It won't evaporate!

And Holy Mother at Fatima!
And Philomena, Joan,
And the saints!

Always answer no-
To my want to be free of you!

And my heart blood pumps,
And pumps!

Though I feel shame,
For still,
Loving dear you!

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