Monday, May 16, 2011

Love my dawn~ Sunshine~ Sunrise

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Love my dawn~ Sunshine~ Sunrise
Light. Bathes my skin.
The tiled floor.
It seeps. It seethes.
It seeks.

It grabs between my curtain barring it.

It goes between my toes.
You do see.

Dawn! it comes.
Love within.

I see nothing!
But you! And me!
Its all I want to be!
Be with me!
Speak. Whispered winds!
Enter love, beautiful girl,
Enter my love with me,
Love me girl!
You are my Dawn.
My wind.
My icy cold.
My pink! Blue! Red!
My soul! I live off you!
Only you, in whom I drown all other but us and hope!
Hope of rain.
Smell. Know My name!
Do not feel of me shame!
My desert night breeze!

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