Sunday, May 29, 2011


Poem by Marc Aupiais

Gasson! I spell the sound!
In France! A Dream!
Music! Classical! French!
In this fantasy!

A woman dances, and waiters move!
In this dream!
Of dear dear France!

This scene I imagine!
With Author's mind!
A scene of love! And tragedy!

Paris (pronounce paree),
Centre of my soul!
Oh beloved France!

To whom I have never managed so!

Oh Beloved France!
And the river!
In my imagination!
For I cannot afford to go!

Beloved! France!

I wonder! At my lack of, shall we call it money!
Or something funny or not so funny?
That keeps me from Romance!

With you, my love?
Though you are not in France?
Only a glimpse! My mind imagines!
As Mother and I drive home from Mass!
And music plays!
Parisian! My once truthful dream!

And you love?
Are you real,
Or but illusive?

Have I lost you forever!
To mine true enemy!?

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