Friday, May 13, 2011

The purple flowers in the mountain valley

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Among the blue and purple buds,
And greenest little leaves.

Time forgot to push up elegant weeds.
Life forgot flowers don't hate a breeze.

I pick a blue and yellow flower bunch.
Specifically for you.

And walk slowly to the valley slope.
Looking for cosy moss.

And I wonder, are you to be wooed.
Not by flowers or by moss.

And the pink and orange.
Frowns at me.

I'd forgot the sun had set.
And so I take my flowers,
My moss and love.

And make a cave tent in my love.

I should kindle sparks,
With written pages,
A fire, a flood.

Nothing above simply love!

And I wish you felt it for me too.
As I have even before we ever said!

And I lie. Thinking of you.
In my bed, life, my sacred gift.

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