Monday, May 16, 2011

Meaning! I aim! Pray! Crave for!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

We are taught at nursery stage.
To be extra utter brave.
Trust no one.
Love no one.
Never be weak.
They tell the child.

Who. Me! Rejected a red rose.
From a pretty young girl.

And who awaits one to trust... Be trusted by.
Unless she's here.
Not trusting enough.
To acknowledge me!

I stare into the swirl,
The empty abyss.

For that to define my style, and life.
For that to make me,
My birth worthwhile.
Driven past every hurt,
And dis-ease of mind.
Of soul!

I can love. I can fall.
I can write. Fairies on a midsummer night or
Melancholy sprites.

I can define.
The length of oceans,
To and fro.

But I want you to define me.
My being. You are my ecstasy.
And for you.
My heart does bleed.
The flow.
For you to drink.

And into hopeless hope.
I see.
I sink and sink.
But believe.
And hope.

At you.
You oughtn't mislead.
The distraught.

Save me if you will!
Be my meaning.

Make me have worth.
Beyond my miracle of conception, birth,
Mere goodness, truth, morality,
And all Able dream.
And teach me,
To your heart, and truth serve.

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