Monday, May 16, 2011

The citizenship! Hell's request!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

They seem a bit larger.
Perhaps taller.
Maybe wider.

Appear: broken.
A million marriages they have.
And lovers. That don't love with heart and soul!
Exemplified by their song!
Their dance.

And somehow. With my morals.
And my experience.
Somehow. No matter my wisdom.
Am I not shouted down.

Isn't it true?
And as they sue,
And steal, and mislead.

Love! Do you also...
Ignore me.

For blood or birth?
You see?
My descriptive tease.

I feel I only wait to cease.
Am I only a crease?

As they exemplify a deadly disease.

And I. Quite sane insane.
Cannot please.

Not if you are them,
Or seek evil to please!

I am nothing. To nothing.
Everything. To you. If you
are something.
If you abandon their

Acknowledge me! Please!
Jealousy, my jealousy appease!

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