Saturday, November 13, 2010

In the morning it's Saturday

Poem by Marc Aupiais

In the morning it's Saturday,
I'm almost a day ahead.

I see further than that-
Into future and past!

I know of our love-
In lasts its was planned!

It gets stronger my love,
Truth never failed to plan!

But where we fought for our love,
We forgot how to breathe,
Forgot how to love,
Forgot how to see!

Have faith in our love!
Its there within and without!

Just be with me,
Within God's humble hands,
I trust in you and his plan,
My life in your hands!

My love- you are all I am,
My purpose, my country,
My queen, antarctic,
Or cold,
Or desert hot!

I never gave up,
And never but forge ahead!

Searching for your heart!
I know your face,
I know your voice,
I know your name,
And God's dear slain!

Baby girl,
I live with but one purpose,
To love, and be with,
To have and to hold,
Dear you!

Hold tight my being,
Tight, clutch, hold,
Never release me,
Ensnare me,
With love, trust, faith,
And sureness more true than hope!

Stand by me,
Be the icy wind cold, think and thin!

Loving you,
Is why I was born,

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