Sunday, February 9, 2014

Belief is a thing... a thing based on other things...

I watch the glass, and await.
I look into the world,
And await an image upon my spectacles.

Purple and red and blue,
Reflect upon the sunset lit lens,
As I look through spectacles, and observe this world.

Belief is not nothing,
It is based on something,
It is because of something,
It is never without some cause, some seem, sown tight.

My belief is based on that what I see and hear,
On what my spectacles show me clear.
On the light, which travels, and sound which edges on,
On the past, which I presently observe, ahead of my spectacles,
As my ears hear music, and sounds bounce upon the seems,

Belief is based upon things, and beliefs based upon these things...

I love you, I do not deny these sorts of things,
At least not in my heart, where I feel such things and things,
But as the bells ring, and the snow freezes my inner being,
And as the icy boiling world reverberates, and sanctions all sorts of false beliefs,

Make me believe in you, make me take credence, and truth,
Teach me to love you, as I did Yesterday and yester-moment,
Teach me to love you, make me safe in belief and hope,
Show me the things that build belief,
Teach me the days of mistrust can be at an end in ever,
And never ever again need rule.

Make my belief wonderful, as once it was beautiful...

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