Friday, November 5, 2010

The damnation of my enemies- a blessing to the world

Poem by Marc Aupiais

My love I pray,
That the enemies of church,
And my heavenly estate,
God bless God,
God condemn them to hell,
To punishment worse than 10 000 deaths.

I pray my love for their damnation then,
For the world wants to reward them,
To praise them as heroes,
Therefore I turn from prayers for repentance,
To curses- to prayers of damnation,
As the ius gentium is at risk!

And I pray an eternal death on them,
The enemies of the lux,
Lucem gentium rise again,

Destroy die nasie van droome,
Destroy die nasie van dood.

And condemn them visibly to hell,
Who accuse mother church,
And her true just children!

I pray they change their ways,
But if they don't,

Justice reign down from the heavens,

May justice be done against the sinner,
Eternal dread,
Aghast dear sinner,
Least the heavens fall-
Justice be done,
Should the skies collapse,
And all alive die and fall in drought!

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