Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do you think, love!?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

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Do you think, truly, love,
That I, That I, would ever leave you,
That I would not be true, 'til the world bids us all adieu

Too true, is my love for you,
None could boo, or soothe me away, from you,
My dear, be you siren or harpy, or bygone, be be you gorgon,
Or Venus, be you death or life or,
both combined in stealth!

I am yours, body and soul,
So far as I can give,
That which is not God's alone!

My all is yours, as my covenant did pledge,
That covenant in my dreams, in my heart!

You are not fashion or changing trend,
You are the style of my soul,
My watering hole,
For you refresh my soul,
In my teeth or like a mole,

I would never leave you,
I never would,
Nor even if one could,

Leave the siren of life,
The arrow of love,
The monster of my dear,
vehemency, in the storm that,
dynamism, of energetic wrath,
and love,

Which my soul loves:

Is you!

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